“Flexibility and adaptation to each student’s needs as well as a most friendly and personal approach. Much appreciated”  – Annie Van Der Lee  (student)

Individual Lessons

I teach warm up techniques, breathing, voice projection and development of vocal range. I encourage each student to work with the songs and musical styles which they most enjoy.

Classical, Celtic , Blues, Improvisation and Backing styles. I teach technique, and support each student to develop in what ever musical direction they are drawn to.

Music Workshops
I offer a variety of music workshops, and will also develop music programs to suit the needs of your group. Workshops range in length and may be one off sessions or ongoing groups.

Voice Play – Singing Groups
Gain confidence and have fun with your singing voice through a variety of voice play exercises and a wide range of simple world music songs. These workshops are designed for people who describe themselves as non singers but who would love to sing.

Voice as Healer
Discover the healing power of voice through toning, chanting, and song.

The Joy of Music
Music can relax our body, soothe our mind, and nourish our soul. A journey of discovery into the healing power of music through guided visualisations, movement, rhythm and song.

For more information about how my teachings can assist you please contact me.